Clinic Management System

a powerful & easy
Clinic Management System
for keeping patient records
as well as Clinic Or Hospital activities


Use Longeviter CMS (Clinic Management System) to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer journey.

  • Lower Cost per Acquisition

  • Sales Growth

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

  • Effective Retention Process

  • Dynamic management

    Longeviter CMS can accelerate all of your activities & reporting.

    Can manage all important data & document in a certain environment & ensure you a dynamic management system.

    You can manage your whole enterprise from any place in the world.

  • Accumulative services

    Longeviter CMS basically is an integrated system of all important services of a Hospital or Clinic.

    Rooms & Equipment management, Doctors-Nurse management, Financial management & reporting etc.

  • Maximization of profit

    An organized management system software ascertain the effective management, minimizes the operational cost & maximizes profit.

    A system that can satisfy your service recipient & make you ready for future business.

Longeviter CMS not only save time and value but also generate reports to boost potency.

The most important is that Longeviter CMS will help you in all steps in your customer journey,
(Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Purchase and Loyalty) to respond to best financial growth.

Wonder how?

Wonder how, a Clinic Management System can add a extra value to your medical?

Ok, Let’s read the following information with our product features to help you understand the CHANGE a Clinic Management System can bring to your Business!

What is Longeviter CMS?

Longeviter CMS is an online based integrated software that simplifies the management of a Clinic. This software can implement a paperless dynamic management process throughout enterprise.

It integrates all the data relating to Patients & Potential Customers, Doctors, Staff, Functional Details under a secured database (MySQL) and controlled by programming language like PHP, JavaScript. That’s why, it’s possible to transfer data and get any printed report within a mouse click. It is being sectioned for numerous departments and professionals that compose an enterprise but put them into a computer.

So, The Managerial Body can easily operate the whole enterprise without any hassle.

Increase the profit you might gain!

Use Longeviter CMS to do all Vital Tasks, managing and maintaining up-to-date information on patient care, medications and alternative technological methodology of providing service etc.

  • Track Every Single Information: Tracking every details is the foremost exciting but soothing step of a clinic management software. Track the entire journey of each patient from appointment booking to medical services.
  • Automation, Security and Storage: There have many reasons, why a clinic needs an entire automation system.
  • Ensure The Financial Growth: An enterprise needs, to increase its longevity, an endless stream of revenue to ensure solely sustainable growth and additionally improve their infrastructure and their services.
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